Various Artists – The Stockfisch DMM-CD SACD Vol.1 [SACD]

Genre: Demos/Samplers
Year: 2013
Audio encoding: DSD
Sampling frequency: 2.8 MHz
Audio channels: Stereo
File format: Image (ISO)

1. Chris Jones: No Sanctuary Here
2. Steve Strauss: Closer
3. Brooke Miller: What You Know
4. The Greater Good: If I Could
5. Ewen Carruthers: That Train
6. Sara K. & Chris Jones: Stop Those Bells LIVE
7. Paul O’Brien: Sonny’s Dream
8. Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas: Tough
9. David Munyon: Four Wild Horses
10. David Roth: The Greater Good Of All
11. Mckinley Black: My Diamond Mine
12. Allan Taylor: Like A Cloud
13. Mary MacMaster & Donald Hay: No Sleep

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