Cream – Fresh Cream [SACD]

Genre: Rock
Year: 1967/2013
Audio encoding: DSD
Sampling frequency: 2.8 MHz
Audio channels: Stereo
File format: Image (ISO)

01.N.S.U. (Stereo) 02:44
02.Sleepy Time Time (Stereo) 04:21
03.Dreaming (Stereo) 02:00
04.Sweet Wine (Stereo) 03:18
05.Spoonful (Stereo) 06:30
06.Cat’s Squirrel (Stereo) 03:06
07.Four Until Late (Stereo) 02:08
08.Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Stereo) 04:43
09.I’m So Glad (Mono) 03:58
10.Toad (Stereo) 05:10
11.Wrapping Paper (Stereo) 02:25
12.I Feel Free (Stereo) 02:52
13.The Coffee Song (Stereo) 02:46
14.N.S.U. (Mono) 02:44
15.Sleepy Time Time (Mono)04:20
16.Dreaming (Mono) 01:59
17.Sweet Wine (Mono) 03:18
18.Spoonful (Mono) 06:32
19.Cat’s Squirrel (Mono) 03:00
20.Four Until Late (Mono) 02:08
21.Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Mono) 04:45
22.I’m So Glad (Mono) 03:59
23.Toad (Mono) 05:11
24.Wrapping Paper (Mono) 02:28
25.I Feel Free (Mono) 02:50
26.The Coffee Song (Mono) 02:56
27.Wrapping Paper (French EP version) 02:24
28.Sweet Wine (French EP version) 03:18
29.I’m So Glad (French EP version) 03:56
30.Cat’s Squirrel (French EP version) 03:02
31.Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (French EP version) 01:49
32.Four Until Late (French EP version) 02:08

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