Soundcritters – Biomimetics (2013) [LOSSLESS FLAC]

“Biomimetics is the study of the structure and function of biological systems as models for the design and engineering of materials and machines.”
And it´s the first look into a new future of mankind. On this album we used a bold and massive orchestra and choir and mixed them with earthshaking synthesizers to create an epic, organic and hybrid style of music. Our vision was to construct something new, evocative and epic for Trailerproductions.

01. A New Breed Is Born (3:05)
02. Double Helix (2:49)
03. Through the Portal (3:17)
04. Metacells (2:56)
05. Dna Resolved (2:52)
06. Exoskeleton (3:00)
07. Spiderwebs (2:55)
08. Pandoras Box (3:25)
09. The Black Death Breakout (3:03)
10. Yersinia Pestis Analysis (2:52)
11. Remedy (2:27)
12. Daemon Spark (2:27)
13. Tech Mark II (2:04)

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