Revolt Production Music – Bleak [LOSSLESS FLAC]

Bleak is a dark, emotional piano album that deals with abandonment, loss and despair. A melancholy state of mind, an intense hurt that lingers on, when all hope has faded only shades of grey remains. Accused and ashamed, in this room all alone, as I dull the pain, was it all in vain.

01. Shattered Hope (2:30)
02. Winter Gloom (3:25)
03. Bleak (2:13)
04. Frozen In Time (2:58)
05. A Widows Story (2:56)
06. Elisas Truth (2:28)
07. The Painted Veil (3:45)
08. Sorrows Of Tomorrow (3:17)
09. Before I Fall (2:42)
10. The Longest Road (2:22)

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