PP Music – Trailer Tools Volume 2 [LOSSLESS WAV]

PP0004-01 Pitched fork
PP0004-02 Horrific incline
PP0004-03 Child’s play
PP0004-04 Heat up
PP0004-05 Frozen fear
PP0004-06 Throbbing hell
PP0004-07 Vertical attack
PP0004-08 Under the oath
PP0004-09 Breakneck
PP0004-10 Sunshine killer
PP0004-11 Unearthly overture
PP0004-12 The Knife
PP0004-13 Territorial uprising
PP0004-14 Significant threat
PP0004-15 The unforgiven
PP0004-16 Terror blind
PP0004-17 Facelift
PP0004-18 The walking dead
PP0004-19 Evil choir
PP0004-20 Demonic Build
PP0004-21 Hollow incline
PP0004-22 Cold corpses
PP0004-23 Repetitive rise
PP0004-24 Inertia rising
PP0004-25 Out of reach
PP0004-26 We’re gonna get you
PP0004-27 Controller rise
PP0004-28 Quick uplift
PP0004-29 Choral uplift
PP0004-30 Which way
PP0004-31 To the grave
PP0004-32 Firecracker
PP0004-33 Killer marker
PP0004-34 Reject swoosh
PP0004-35 Slipper
PP0004-36 Dark swoosh
PP0004-37 Yetti
PP0004-38 Skullcrusher
PP0004-39 Gun shot
PP0004-40 Fister
PP0004-41 Gunshot smash
PP0004-42 Growler
PP0004-43 Heart attack
PP0004-44 Hit point
PP0004-45 In the beginning
PP0004-46 Boombox
PP0004-47 Super decay
PP0004-48 Redundant attack
PP0004-49 King gong slam
PP0004-50 Paradise lost slam
PP0004-51 Slapper
PP0004-52 Low orchestral slam
PP0004-53 Blood stab
PP0004-54 Swoop
PP0004-55 Orchestral shot
PP0004-56 Genius stab
PP0004-57 Hold up
PP0004-58 Lastwind
PP0004-59 Phantom
PP0004-60 Designer cut
PP0004-61 From the deep
PP0004-62 Sinister morning
PP0004-63 Living nightmare
PP0004-64 Old ghosts
PP0004-65 Static fever
PP0004-66 Evil strings
PP0004-67 Echo drone
PP0004-68 Psychosis
PP0004-69 Sinking below
PP0004-70 Static fever
PP0004-71 Terrible face
PP0004-72 Through these eyes
PP0004-73 Unbound by hate
PP0004-74 Shivers of war
PP0004-75 Dawn of a dead day
PP0004-76 Under the earth
PP0004-77 Edge of the pit
PP0004-78 Loud pressure
PP0004-79 Core attack
PP0004-80 The devil inside
PP0004-81 The cage is open
PP0004-82 Deep water
PP0004-83 Broken lift
PP0004-84 Hollow to the core
PP0004-85 Mystical sub
PP0004-86 Deep space bass
PP0004-87 Last empire
PP0004-88 Hypnotik dogme
PP0004-89 Flatline
PP0004-90 Spiritual depth
PP0004-91 Dead horses
PP0004-92 Phoenix rising
PP0004-93 The babysitter
PP0004-94 Maniac murder
PP0004-95 Under the sun
PP0004-96 Obsession
PP0004-97 Century clone

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