PP Music – Rocktronica [LOSSLESS WAV]

PP0005-01 The Darkness (Full version)
PP0005-02 The Darkness (1min edit)
PP0005-03 The Darkness (30 second edit)
PP0005-04 Out of control (Full version)
PP0005-05 Out of control (1min edit)
PP0005-06 Out of control (30 Second edit)
PP0005-07 Dripstone (Full version)
PP0005-08 Dripstone (1min edit)
PP0005-09 Dripstone (30 second edit)
PP0005-10 Vector (Full version)
PP0005-11 Vector (1 min edit)
PP0005-12 Vector (30 second edit)
PP0005-13 T-Bone (Full version)
PP0005-14 T-Bone (1min edit)
PP0005-15 T-Bone (30 second edit)
PP0005-16 Ledfoot (Full Version)
PP0005-17 Ledfoot (1min edit)
PP0005-18 Ledfoot (30 second edit)
PP0005-19 Stopper (Full version)
PP0005-20 Stopper (1min edit)
PP0005-21 Stopper (30 second edit)
PP0005-22 The Burn (Full version)
PP0005-23 The Burn (1min edit)
PP0005-24 The Burn (30 second edit)
PP0005-25 The Hunted (Full version)
PP0005-26 The Hunted (1min edit)
PP0005-27 The Hunted (30 second edit)
PP0005-28 New world army (Full version)
PP0005-29 New World army (1min edit)
PP0005-30 New world army (30 second edit)
PP0005-31 Mugger (Full version)
PP0005-32 Mugger (1min edit)
PP0005-33 Mugger (30 second edit)
PP0005-34 Rock me Amadeus (Full version)
PP0005-35 Rock me Amadeus (1min edit)
PP0005-36 Rock me Amadeus (30 second edit)

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