Ace Of Base – Happy Nation [LP 24-192]

Genre: Classical, New Age
Year: 1992
Audio encoding: FLAC
Recording Format: 24 bit / 192 KHz
File format: tracks + Cue

A1. Voulez-Vouz Danser (3:17)
A2. All That She Wants (3:30)
A3. Münchhausen (Just Chaos) (3:27)
A4. Happy Nation (4:11)
A5. Waiting For Magic (5:17)
A6. Fashion Party (4:14)
B1. Wheel Of Fortune (3:52)
B2, Dancer In A Daydream (3:37)
B3. My Mind (Mindless Mix) (4:09)
B4. Wheel Of Fortune (Original Club Mix) (3:58)
B5. Dimension Of Depth (1:45)
B6. Young And Proud (3:54)
B7. All That She Wants (Banghra Version) (4:14)

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